The history of JFJ

Jill's Fundraising Journey (JFJ) is a small registered charity, that has been running since October 2014, registered since February 2015. Our aims are to raise awareness of cancer and to raise funds to enable us to maintain a holiday home to provide short breaks free of charge for families affected by a cancer diagnosis.

JFJ was initially set up in September 2013 by Jill Goodrum, 46. Jill was a wife, mother and grandmother who was diagnosed with breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes and liver; it was terminal. Her attitude was to not only fight the cancer but also to raise £10,000 to be shared between two charities. She wished to raise awareness of cancer as well, because if her diagnosis had come earlier, the outlook would have been very different. She achieved these aims through a Facebook page named Jill's Fundraising Journey ( Devastatingly, Jill passed away on the 21st of May 2014, just 8 months after receiving the initial diagnosis. The £10,000 target was smashed by her friends and family nearly exactly a year to the day that Jill was diagnosed, just a few short months after her death.

Jill left behind five children, Grace, 4, Amy, 8, Jemma, 20, Lyndsey, 27 and James, 29, as well as four grandchildren Elowen, 1, Sofia, 1, Amelie, 4 and Ella, 9 (ages correct at the time of Jill’s passing). Her two eldest daughters carried on her story, setting up and registering Jill's Fundraising Journey as a charity in its own right to continue raising awareness. They also wished to realise two of Jill's dreams through the charity, the first to have a book published of her journey, the second to open a holiday home for cancer sufferers and their families.

The dream of a book has now been realised, ‘Jill’s Fundraising Journey – the ugly truth of one mum’s tragic battle with cancer’ was published in December 2014. The initial print run sold out fairly quickly, but please keep an eye out for a second run. There are a few copies of the book knocking around, should you wish to borrow or purchase a copy please get in touch and we will oblige if we can. ‘This book will make you smile, and cry (a lot) - it is a book that EVERYONE should read. Jill allows us to have a front row seat into her world, as its slowly taken apart by cancer.’

As a charity we hope to alleviate some of the pressure that is placed on families following a cancer diagnosis. We have been consistently fundraising to enable us to achieve Jill’s dream of a holiday home for families affected by a cancer diagnosis, Jill was made only too aware of how cancer does not only affect the person diagnosed, especially if there are young children in the family.

We are overjoyed to be able to announce that we have now succeeded in raising the required funds to enable us to purchase the holiday home and are now in possession of a beautiful 2-bed, 2-bathroom, static caravan on the stunning site of Hoburn Naish in the New Forest. We are now accepting applications from families that are battling a cancer diagnosis to receive a short break free of charge. Please see our online enquiry form: for more information.

To date we have solely relied on donations, 3rd party sponsored events and fundraising events hosted by ourselves; we do not have any regular reliable income. Now that we are paying site fees, utility bills, cleaning fees, membership passes and more in order to offer the service that we do, it is even more important that we have as much money coming in as possible. We are a small charity, run entirely by unpaid trustees, and hugely appreciate all of your support.

Jill's words:

"Reach for the moon and dare to hope"