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Resources About Cancer

We often use the word ‘cancer’ as a catch-all term, but the reality is there are over 200 types of cancer out there. Some are more common, while others are incredibly rare. Some are treatable with a good recovery rate, while others are devastatingly difficult to treat or even manage.

While our namesake Jill battled Breast Cancer during her life, during this journey she met dozens of people struggling with all sorts of other cancers, and got a glimpse into just how confusing it can be when you first get a diagnosis and look for information.


So, when Lyndsey and Jemma were first putting together the charity, they agreed a page should be dedicated to providing a resource hub for cancer in all forms. They reached out to the local communities and compiled a list of the cancers they wanted to know more about. They then added some of the most common cancer types, scoured the internet and spoke with professional organisations to bring together a directory of sorts – which is where you are now.

Below is a list of cancers, with links to the best sources of information, resources and support for each one. This will help you find the experts in your cancer type, and give you access to the right information, quickly.

If there is a cancer type you would like to know more about, or that you feel we’ve missed from this list, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to publish resources for it.

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