About Cancer

When we were in the planning stages of this website we published a questionnaire, one of the questions regarded which cancers you would like to know more about; the types of cancer listed below were voted to be the most important. Simply click on the form of cancer that you would like to know more about to find links to lots of well-informed and educated information. Although we debated researching and displaying the information ourselves we decided that rather than get it wrong and risk people's lives we would leave it to the organisations that put lots of time and money into this research. If you think there is a form of cancer missing, would like to see more info on a specific form of cancer, or think we have missed an informative link then please do get in touch


Lung Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Breast Cancer

Mouth Cancer

Blood Cancer

Testicular Cancer

Throat Cancer


Rectal Cancer


Oesophageal Cancer