Lyndsey Todd, Jill's daughter, Co-founder and Chairperson
I'm Lyndsey, Jill's eldest daughter. I currently work as the assistant manager of a local flooring company alongside volunteering as Chairperson for JFJ and bringing up my three beautiful daughters. JFJ started out as a passion of mum's, it was her way of using the awful thing that was happening to her for good, to help others. That is exactly what I wish JFJ will continue to do. It is now my passion, it has become my fourth baby and I mean to put as much of myself into it as mum did. Mum was an incredible force upon this world and I hope to harness some of her spirit to ensure that JFJ hits all of its targets and more!

Jemma Campbell, Jill's daughter, Co-founder and Secretary
My name is Jemma and I'm currently a pharmacist in a Plymouth hospital. I got where I am because my mum was always my motivation, my inspiration and my whole world - and I hope to keep her alive through Jill's Fundraising Journey. She was an infectious person, who touched everybody around her and that's how she became so successful at raising awareness of her story and fundraising to help others. I am in awe of what my mum accomplished and I hope to carry it on through this charity. She showed me that we can help others - and I work very hard to keep her wishes alive.

Lucie Cullen, Treasurer
My name is Lucie and I am a life coach and an accountant based in North Devon. I am passionate about creating an openness for sufferers to discuss what historically has been treated as a taboo subject, and this openness is what created a friendship between Jill and I. I am also passionate about a holistic approach to cancer treatment and I work within the North Devon Integrated Health Hub promoting holistic healing in many areas including to cancer sufferers.

Emma Wright, General Trustee
Hi I’m Emma and I’m a History teacher at a local school. I met Jill through Jemma, who I’ve been best friends with since infant school. Jill was an inspiring woman who touched everyone she met, I hope to continue spreading the hope and happiness she did through JFJ.