The Book

Jill's Fundraising Journey began as a blog written by Jill Goodrum after she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. Not long before she passed away in 2014 she expressed a wish for her journey to be published as a book so that even after she was gone, her message could live on.

This dream was realised in October 2014 when 'Jill's Fundraising Journey - the ugly truth of one mum's tragic battle with cancer' was published.


'Jill wanted to continue to raise awareness and funds after she was gone, and wanted her story published. This book is not only Jill's journey, but that of her family as well, as her two eldest daughters pick up the story after Jill's passing. This book will make you smile, and cry (a lot) - it is a book that EVERYONE should read. Jill allows us to have a front row seat into her world, as its slowly taken apart by cancer. Her words have been written as a diary, originally on Facebook, with extreme candor and great courage, that takes you on Jill's Fundraising Journey.' 

*The book is currently out of stock but keep checking back for updates on a second print run*