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The Book

One of the dreams Jill had before she passed was to write a book. One that followed her journey through cancer, her hopes, her feelings, and all of the details no one really talks about. And now, thanks to her daughters, this dream has become a reality.

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Before Jill’s Fundraising Journey was a charity, it was a blog. Run by our namesake Jill Goodrum, the blog was a way of documenting her journey after she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. In her blog Jill shared the ups and downs, the winding path that cancer diagnosis and treatment can take, and her emotional journey through this difficult time.

Shortly before she passed away in 2014, Jill told her loved ones that she wanted her blog, and her journey, to be published. She knew how difficult and lonely a cancer journey could be, and she wanted to be able to share her experiences so that others going through the same thing didn’t feel like they were alone. She wanted her message to live on, and bring hope to others.

So, in October 2014, her children brought her blog posts together into a book. They called it ‘Jill’s Fundraising Journey – The Ugly Truth Of One Mum’s tragic Battle With Cancer’, and published it in her honour. Within the book you will find not only stories of her journey, but her family’s journey too, thanks to Jill’s two eldest daughters picking up where her story left off.


‘This book will make you smile, and cry (a lot) – and it’s a book that EVERYONE should read. Jill allows us to have a front-row seat into her world, as it’s slowly taken apart by cancer. Her words have been written as a diary, originally on Facebook, with extreme candour and great courage, that takes you on Jill's Fundraising Journey.'

Where To Buy It

‘Jill’s Fundraising Journey – The Ugly Truth Of One Mum’s tragic Battle With Cancer’ isn’t available in any of your normal high street shops. Instead, we have opted to self-publish Jill’s work, so that all funds can go back to the charity and help support more people with cancer.

By clicking the button below, you can buy your own copy of Jill’s wonderful book, and make a valuable contribution to the charity at the same time. 100% of the profits go back into Jill’s Fundraising Journey, and help provide a free holiday for someone affected by a cancer diagnosis.

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