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Past Events

11th & 15th December '17

Two groups of JFJ supporters joined Farnborough Rotary volunteers to pound the streets of Farnborough helping spread the joy of Christmas and Santa to eager children whilst also raising much needed funds for local charities like ourselves. We received a very welcome thank you cheque of £200!!

 25th & 29th November, 4th & 7th of December '17

Several of our courageous calendar ladies braved the chilly winter weather to help sell the amazing calendars and some of our original books at various local Christmas fayres. Thanks again ladies!! 

 25th November '17

155 cakes made and given away to Co-op customers in three local stores to say thank you for helping to raise a whopping £5700 through simply spending money in their usual way and choosing us to receive 1% of whatever they spent on Co-op branded goods.

11th November '17 - Annual Gala

Our annual gala went swimmingly once again, with guests being entertained by a magician, a jazz singer and a DJ, whilst also being treated to delicious food and the opportunity to win lots and lots of fab prizes! We danced for hours and took funny pictures on a good old fashioned (well, a new-fangled version anyway) instant print camera! It was worth all of the effort that was put in in the end as we raised a tidy profit of £2002!

 22nd October '17

14 beautiful women came together with the very generous Karen Field (hair), Emma Doherty (makeup) and Kevin Ahronson (photography), to create a stunning calendar reminiscent of the original WI calendar that inspired the movie Calendar Girls. The calendar is now for sale - please see our dedicated calendar page for more information.

October '17:

Throughout October, National breast cancer awareness month, 2017 JFJ was the Charity of the month in Costco, Farnborough. 

 23rd September '17

16 of JFJ's trustees and supporters all took on the dreaded Tough Mudder Half! 5 miles, 13 obstacles and a huge amount of mud! It was really hard work but everyone did so well. Final total raised was £1800!!

 26th August '17

The lovely staff at the Farnborough branch of Southern Co-op Funeralcare held a yard sale and raised an amazing £190!

 30th July '17

We hosted a fun stall at a family fun day held at The Grange Estate in Church Crookham. Offering a teddy tombola (which was loved by all ages!), hoopla and lucky dip, we raised a total of £123, with a further £100 being donated to us by the ladies running tombola and cake stalls on behalf of The Grange Estate - thanks ladies!!

7th July '17

JFJ Chairperson Lyndsey hosted another cake stall, this time in-store at the Co-op on Woburn Avenue, Farnborough Park, to promote our partnership with the Co-op Local Community Fund

2nd July '17

On the 2nd of July our little sister Amy, one of Jill's (the namesake of JFJ) younger daughters, rode 26.5 miles in just 2.5h at the Farnham Charity Bike Ride! This is quite a trek considering she is just 11y old!


1st July '17

During the first weekend of July JFJ took part in the Fleet & District Carnival, winning 3rd prize in the Best Motorised Float category in the procession and raising £172 on the fun stall with teddy tombola, lucky dip and hook-a-duck!


25th June '17

JFJ Chairperson Lyndsey hosted another cake stall, this time in-store at the Co-op on Fernhill Road in Cove to promote our partnership with the Co-op Local Community Fund

23rd June '17

JFJ Chairperson Lyndsey hosted another cake stall, this time in-store at the Co-op on Queen's Road in Farnborough, to promote our partnership with the Co-op Local Community Fund

9th June '17:

JFJ Chairperson Lyndsey joined forces with The Co-op Food store on King's Road in Fleet to sell yummy homemade cakes and promote the partnership with The Co-op Community Fund. A total of £42 was made from the cake sales and hopefully lots more people went away to sign up for Co-op Memberships and help JFJ raise lots more money!

3rd June '17:

Ann-Marie Hogan and Gilly Palmer hosted a mediumship night in aid of JFJ. The night was a resounding success with all tickets being sold, some fabulous raffle tickets being donated and a total of £656 being raised! Thanks ladies!

3rd June '17:

JFJ Chairperson Lyndsey  manned a stall at the Rushmoor Get Involved Volunteer Fair, promoting JFJ and talking to peoplle about volunteer opportunities.


20th May '17:

JFJ mascot Jilly made lots of lovely new friends whilst taking part in a bucket collection at Asda, Farnborough, with Chairperson Lyndsey. They collected a total of £93.24.


5th May '17:

JFJ trustee Lyndsey and a friend took part in a bag pack at Sainsbury's in Fleet raising a total of £85 in just a couple of hours.

22nd April '17:

JFJ trustees Lyndsey and Jemma, along with Rachael Williams and Kim Baxter, jumped out of a plane! They all survived the landing and have raised a total of nearly £1500 between them and two more jumpers, Stuart Heath and trustee Emma (who will be jumping on the 17th June!).

4th February '17:

On the 4th of February, World Cancer Day, JFJ Chairperson Lyndsey held an afternoon tea party for friends and family. A total of £62 was raised!

December '16-'17:

We are proud to announce that we have been chosen to be the Charity partner of the year for both Fleet and Farnborough branches of the Southern Cooperative Funeralcare for '16-'17!

October '16:

Stuart Heath bravely took on the hot wax in full 'back, sack and crack' style! He raised an amazing amount, a grand total of £1038.76!! Well done Stuart, rather you than us!

22nd October '16:

On the 22nd of October 2016 we held our first big event in the form of a Gala. There was lots of yummy food, some fabulous raffle and golden envelope prizes as well as an awesome auction, a fun-filled photo booth and a disco that went on past midnight! Needless to say, there were a few sore heads the next morning! It was all worth it though as we managed to raise an astonishing £3352! What a success!


October '16:

Throughout October, National breast cancer awareness month, 2016 JFJ was the Charity of the month in Costco, Farnborough. 


September '16:

​We had the honour of being the charity of the month in the Noah's Ark in Farnborough shopping centre which raised £64.55.


July '16:

​In July 2016 Mooomoo Nightclubs Fleet raised a grand sum of £222.19 for JFJ


2nd July '16:

​On the 2nd of July Jilly joined us in the Fleet & District Carnival procession. We had so much fun dressed in our homemade Rio themed wings and masks, handed out stickers and flyers to the crowd and raised £184.60 on our super fun stall.


26th June '16:

​On the 26th of June Jilly entertained the shoppers outside Morrisons, Southwood, helping  to collect £166.11.


31st May '16:

​On the 31st May 2016 Andrew Wyeth shaved off his beloved beard to raise money for JFJ - he had been growing it for 8 long months!! Well done Andrew, full amount raised to be confirmed.


24th April '16:

​Otis Turner, Jill's Nephew, ran the London Marathon in a speedy time of 5h 20m, raising a total of £548.90 in sponsorship - thanks Otis, you did us proud!


1st April '16:

​Four of the trustees took part in a bag pack at Sainsbury's, Farnborough, raising a total of £339.93 - it was lovely to see so many happy faces and meet so many lovely people.


January-March '16:

​We were lucky enough to be the named charity on the Fleet Rotary Wishing Well in the Hart Shopping Centre, Fleet, raising a total of £473.09!


March '16:

​For the month of March JFJ was one of the nominated charities in the green token scheme in Waitrose, Yateley, raising a total of £256.

​​​December '15:

JFJ was lucky enough to be one of the 11 charities chosen to be allowed to hold collections at the Panto production of Aladdin, raising a total of £139.58.


November '15:

 JFJ Chairperson Lyndsey and her daughter Amelie, then 5, had a combined length of 29" of their hair chopped off by Sharmaine at Zappas Hair Salon, Fleet, raising a total of £407. Their hair was then donated to the Little Princess Trust.


​September/October '15:

​ JFJ was one of the three charities in the Asda, Farnborough Green Token Scheme, receiving £200.


​July '15:

​We held a craft fair in Church Crookham, Fleet, in the summer of 2015, raising a total of £355.21.


June '15:

​We held an online craft fair raising £98.


​April '15:

​Matt Smith ran the Plymouth Half Marathon raising a total of £240.


October '15:

​We held a bucket collection outside B&Q, Farnborough, raising a total of £102.09.


February '15:

​Jill's Fundraising Journey gains registered status! Registered charity number 1160327.


Early '15

​Our very own Treasurer, Lucie Cullen, performed a firewalk. She raised £274 in the process!

December '14:

​Jill's Fundraising Journey, The Book, was published in Dec 2014. All proceeds from the book are ploughed straight back into JFJ and it is a must read for everyone. To find out more and to purchase please see our dedicated page: 'The Book'


​Late '14

Chris Knowles and Lawrie Shennan did a bungee jump raising £446.22 


October '14:

Jill's Fundraising Journey, as a charity in it's own right, is born!!

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